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Hello, everyone!
It's been a long time from my last post, right?
How are you? I am really fine now and I hope you're fine too.
Now, I want to tell you about my story. In this story I want to express my grateful to someone.

When I was in 6th grade of Elementary School, I had an unforgettable memories. There are many good memories that I made with my classmate such as played games in Time Zone, swam together, shared our story, and many more. It was a meaningful memories for myself at that time, a 12 years old girls that have a shy personality.

But, there was also a bad memories. At that time, I was really an innocent girl and immature. I believed that my life will as good as in the fairy tale. My life will be good as long as I be a good kid. My life will be good as long as I do much for others. My life will be good because people around me are good person. Its believed grew in my mind. I can say that it is the first time I met this situation.

One day, I prepared myself to do the exam. I really worked hard to face the exam. I had tutoring until the night. I also had a try out and did many sheet of questions. Then, I went to school in a nervous. I met my friends there and we talked about the exam's lesson. We studied together before we did the exam. After that, the bell rang and every student sat in their chair. I was really nervous because it was my first time to take this exam. But, I felt a bit relax because I had prepared enough before.

When I answered the question, my friends that sat around me started to make a fuss. I didn't think of anything and just answered the next question. And after that, I realized that they started to cheat my answer. I was angry but I held back my anger. I thought they will stop after that but I was wrong. They continued to do that and I was really upset. Maybe all of you will think that it's just something that children always do or just so - so event or I was overact to this. But seriously, It was the first time I felt a mental shock. I just never thought that life is not like what I always imagined. And also it was the first time that I thing myself is a robot. I thought like that because I feel that I am the one to work but the others are the one to take the benefits from my work. And what make it worse is that someone I really trust was like that too. It made me thought that I was a robot more.

But, like a rainbow that rise after a rain, there was someone that help me to throw away my bad thought and become a better person. She is my mom. When I went home after did the exam, I told my mom about everything. I cried and felt unfair. But, my mom hugged me and calmed me. She said many motivation word to me. She said that it is how life going. There's not a clear way to reach something. There's always twist and turn from others. In the future, you will face many unexpected event that more than what I experienced. But, don't make an excuse from it to be a bad person because everyone treat you like that. You must always be a good girls and do a good things for others. Don't think about how much you struggle and compared it to what you got. Don't upset if the reality not match to your expectation. Always grateful to everything that you got and work hard for it. Don't forget to always do a good things to others and pray to God. You will get the return of everything that you do, maybe not now. She also said that Nadine, don't make such a stupid thought like that. Mom never have a robot daughter. You and your brother are the best gift to me. Mom and Dad raised you until now to make you became a good person. Mom and Dad don't accept anyone who said our daughter is a robot. I know it's hard for you because it is the first time for you to experienced this. But, please don't mind every matter and judge yourself. It will make you more stress. Just tell me and we can clear all of your problems, okay?

And after that, my personality changed. I learn every time I had a problem. I learn how to solve it and not judge myself again. I start to think more. And I do all of my mom advice. Until I became a 16 years old student of Senior High School, Nadine, now. So, someone that I feel really grateful is my mom. She is really patient, kind, wise, and smart. And because of her character, I can change become a person with better personality. It is really a precious lesson that my mom give to me. I'll never forget it.

So, that's my story about someone that I feel grateful to. How about you? Do you have someone that you feel really grateful? Why he or she became someone that you feel grateful?
Thank you for read my long story. See you in the next post!


Selasa, 28 Maret 2017


Hello, everyone!
It's been a long time since my last post, right?
How are you? I hope you're in your greatest condition now.
Now, I wanted to tell you about my experienced to joined Dewa Athena.

Dewa Athena is an event that held every year in 3rd Senior High School Bandung. Dewa Athena is a name for "porak" or "Pekan Olahraga antarkelas" in my school. So, it's like a sport competition between classes. The 10th grade will compete with another 10th grade in different class and also the 11th grade will do the same. Dewa Athena for the 11th grade held on March 23rd until 24th. Dewa Athena for the 10th grade held on March 25th and April 1st.

On March 25th, it's the first time for me to joined Dewa Athena. My senior always tell me that Dewa Athena is one of the most anticipated event in my school. Because of that, I always wonder how interesting this event is. We, the 10th grade, gathered in Lapangan Bali at 7 a.m.. We wore our own jersey. Each class have their own jersey that decorate by their own. Before we started the competition, we check our team's member.

The first sport that we, X Science 7 competed was a relay race. We competed with X Science 4. The player from my class were Adham, Azzam, Karina, And Nanette. Adham was the first player then, Nanette the second player, Azzam was the third and Karina was the last. We, the other teammates, cheered them up by scream their name loud out. They won the first round. We were very happy. And after that, in the noon, they competed again with X Science 5. Finally, they won again.

The second was girl's futsal. The player were Adisha, Adil, Asyilla, Maisa, and me. Actually, I'm not good at foot work like kicking a ball. But, I want to experienced play a real futsal. We competed with X Science 5. Adisha and Adil were the striker; Maisa and me were the back; Asyilla was the goalkeeper. I really hope to not ruined our team before the match. Adisha and Adil were the one that made a goal. I worked really hard at defend. I also worked hard to give them the ball and made the opponent confused. In the end, our team won with a score 5 - 0.
In the afternoon, we competed again with X Social, since we won the first round. But, actually no one knew that we will competed again. So, we just ate and chatted while watched others competition. And then 5 minutes before the competition, we were told that we will played again against other class. We were really tired and full. So, we were limp at the field. Because of that, we didn't give much energy. So, we lost with a score 0 - 2.

The third was a tug of war. There are 10 player from my class that selected randomly based of their will to participated. In the first round, we competed with X Science 5 and we won. But, in the next round, we lost to X Science 8 because our player weren't as strong as their.

The fourth was a volley.We played against X Science 9. In this sport game, many people didn't know much because we rarely played this sport. So, we practiced before in the football yard before played in the competition. Our player members were Adisha, Azzam, Alfari, Adil, Arjun, and Raisha.. They played it really well even though they never played it before. In the last minute of the competition, Azzam changed with Adham. And finally we won again.

The fifth was boy's futsal. the player were Alfari, Azzam, Bayu, Rizka, and Denis. We played against X Science 6. They played really hard because their opponent were know as an amazing football player. We, the other teammates especially the girls of X Science 7, cheer them up by scream their name. We also worked really hard to scream and cheer them until my voice cracked a bit. We lost with a score 1 - 6. Even though we lost, but we were really happy because we showed the others how solid our teammates are.

The sixth was a boy's dodgeball. I forgot the players of our team because when they played, I also played futsal against X Social. But, we also lost in this competition.

The last was badminton. For boy's badminton, the players are Arjun and Rizka. We lost against X Science 10. For girl's badminton, the players are Karina and Adil. We won against X science 1.

Actually, there was one more sport, basketball. But, because my teammates were already tired and went back to home. We didn't participated in this game.

So, this is my experienced in the first day of Dewa Athena. I'm really excited to wait the second day of Dewa Athena. I hope my class will win again and be the champion. But the most important is our teamwork that really make me proud.

All pictures by Asyilla Putri Andjani Barli (asyillandjani.blogspot.com)


Hi, everyone!
Long time no see. How are you?
Now, I want to post about my group task. My group's members are Karina and I.

My teacher, Ms.Wiwin, tell us to make a crossword with a bottle cap that already had a word. We must use all the 100 bottle cap that has different word. And it's the result of my group's work.
Let's solve this crossword!

1. A place that made of glass or pottery to put bread jam, honey, or cookie
2. An action that an musical actor and actress do after they performed to thanks the audience.            
5. 946080000 second is same as a ...       
7. "You must think out of the ... to solve this matter!"        
8. Condition where you don’t have anybody around   
11. When you hear Adele sing on the climax of her song, you had this sensation.        
14. Punctuation mark that you write in the end of the sentence              
15. Typical animal from Thailand           
22. Antonym of older         
25. Acronym of someone who work in hospitals    
26. The characteristic of muslim women        
27. The pencil is big. ... is as big as my finger.    
2. An animal that can fly
3. "Tell me what to ..."
4. A question word to ask a reason
6. Animal that has a monochrome skin
9. Something older than email
10. Lyrics : 
      "You know just how to make
        My heart beat faster
        Emotional ...
        Bring on disaster" (Song :Starving- Hailee Steinfeld ft. Grey & Zedd)
12. My favorite song is My love from ... life. Even though it's an old song but it's really good.
13. A small card with your identity
16. The highest position in a company
17.Manuk Dadali, Ampar-Ampar Pisang are kind of ...          
18. Acronym of possession (you)
19. Synonym of rhythm
20. A cat is ... the cupboard
21. When you want to greet a group of your friend usually say, "Hi, ..."
23. A good ... will produce a good children
24. The synonym of travel
28. Abbreviation of liter; abbreviation of literature.

So, that's our crossword. Can you solve it? Thank you for read and solve our crossword. If that are something that you don't  understand from our crossword, please tell me.
See you in the next post!

Sabtu, 18 Februari 2017


Nature can’t be separated from our life. Everything around us is nature. Nature is very important to our life. It is because we get many things from them. We get fresh air, food, water, and experience. But, from others viewpoint, nature can give other benefit to them. Scientist thought that nature can make our live complete in the ecosystem that had various kind of organism. Artist thought that nature can give them inspired to make something. But from the children’s viewpoint it can be different.
Children live and grow up in the nature. They feel that nature is their home. They eat with their family there. They play and chat with their friends there. They study to prepare their life there. They sleep to build their hope for tomorrow there. They dream their future there. They do everything in nature. It makes nature is the part of their selves Without they and their parent notice, nature gives many lessons to them through the small thing that happen. 

Do you ever watch leaf of the tree that can live in four seasons? Who would though that there is a message from the leaf to us? In the summer, a green leaf lives in its tree, be a protector for the peoples from the blazing sunlight. We feel relax and cool when we take shelter there, right? In the autumn, the leaf changes its color to red, make it really beautiful. In the winter, they fall until the tree bald. The fall leaf can be a decoration. In the spring, they grow again and they’re ready to become a pretty green leaf.  So, the leaf wants to teach us that we should accept anything even we really don’t want to. Everything that you do with acceptable will be beautiful in its own way. We also must to adapt with our environment so that we can live happily.

Do you ever go to the ocean? It is beautiful right? I feel that it is the most beautiful thing in the nature because it makes me feel free. But if we observe it carefully, it will gave us different meaning. Ocean consisted of many particle of water. Also, there are salts there. If we think again, the water and salt that different in physical can’t be united. But in the reality they unite into one particle of water. And then they become one with other particle of water and make a beautiful ocean. It gives us a lesson that we are all small but if we unite ourselves we can be a big thing and change the world.

For the children, one of the attractive animals that amaze them is butterfly. We often see them in the garden and sometimes in our home. Their metamorphosis is really interesting especially for the children. But, did you know that from it there are a really important message for the children? We are definitely changed from the moment of birth till now. So, we must appreciate each the changed that we had and try to make the changed still in the good way. Don’t ever try to resist the changed. Don’t scared to changed. Change can make a people be a better person.

The last that we rarely notice is night sky. Children really hate night because if it comes, they must stop play and get to bed. Although they hate it, they always wait night because at that time they can see an amazing thing in this world. That is star, the light in the darkness. In this case, nature thought the children to experience something that opposite from what we want so that we can appreciate and make effort to achieve what we want.
So, nature give children many thing, right? However, it’s really unfortunate because nowadays gadget become a toy for our children and it makes they forget about nature. Maybe they don’t think about what to do if the nature damaged. But they know that they can’t live without nature because it is their home. And it’s time for us, especially the parents to introduce our child to the nature. Let’s learn from nature with our children!


Minggu, 08 Januari 2017


Hello, everyone!
Long time no see. How do you do? I hope you're in your greatest condition.
Happy  new year, everyone!!! Now, it's 2017. Let's started this new year with a new hope and new energy!
What did you do at your last holiday? Now, I'm want to tell you about my holiday.

At December 25th, 2016, My family and I went to Salatiga. We went there because we wanted to celebrate 1000th day of my grandfather with others relatives. We went there at 11.00 p.m. I slept in the car all along until 3.00 a.m. When I'm woke up, We were in Tegal already. It was because the road wasn't crowded. We stopped by at Muri SPBU. my father slept at its rest area because he was isn't in good condition and very tired. it took 2 hours for him. After that, we prayed together and continued the trip. We arrived at my grandparent's house in Salatiga at 9.00 a.m. In my experience, this trip took the shortest time from my place, Bandung, to Salatiga.

In the next day, My relatives and I prepared anything for the 1000th day of my grandpa. we worked really hard because we only had short time to prepare snack and goods for the event. Finally the preparation finished on time. We changed our clothes to a  muslim clothes and greeted others guest. We, the grandchild, stayed at home to keep the snack and goods for the guest. the home is next to the mosque, the place where the event held in. The event run smooth and without any trouble. After prayed, we ate satay together. It was really delicious. I also played and chatted with my sisters. We had a really good time together.

The next day, in the morning, my family and I went to Malang. We went there to visited my brother. This year, 2016, was his first year in the university and he stayed at his university's hostel. So we wanted to make a surprise for him. I didn't know that the trip to go there was really long trip. I really tired during the trip. i helped my father with the navigation. after a long time around 10 hours, we arrived at Malang. we went to my brother's university, Brawijaya University. After that, we went to his room in his hostel. He didn't look surprised because he focused to watch film in his laptop. His room was very neat. Truthfully, it was better than my room. he was alone there because 2 of his roommates already went to their home and spent their holiday there. My father asked us to eat together and after that we booked a room in Everyday Hotel. my brother also joined to slept in the hotel. He didn't want to stay at his room alone.

In the next day, my brother asked me to go to Jatim Park. My father agreed and we went there in the afternoon. it was because my father slept until afternoon. He said that he didn't feel well so we waited after he rest. when we arrived there, the park near to its closed time and it was full of visitor. So, we decided to went to Museum Angkut that located near the Jatim Park. We looked many transportation from around the world. It was a huge park. When we wanted to came back, the festival showed up in front of our eyes, It was fantastic. I felt really good even though I didn't go to Jatim Park.

On Friday, we went back to Salatiga. My brother came along. In the next day, we went back to Bandung.

So, that is my holiday. Is it interesting? How about you? What do you do to spend your holiday?
Thank you for reading my story. See you in the next post.

Minggu, 06 November 2016

Merry Riana, The Amazing Women from Indonesia

 Hi, everyone!
Now, I want to tell you about someone's biography. Someone that has an influence for everyone around her. She is an amazing woman from Indonesia, Merry Riana.
"Dreams of a Million Dollars" is an inspirational book that written by Merry Riana. Merry Riana is one of the most successful enterpreneur and motivator from Indonesia. She also become the number one's  Speaker, Trainer and  Motivator Woman in Asia. 

 Merry Riana was born on May 29th, 1980 in Jakarta and grew up in a modest family. Her father's name is Ir. Suanto Sosrosaputro. He is a businessman. Her mother's name is Lynda Sanian. She is a housewife. She was the eldest of her three brothers. 

The journey of her life in Singapore started when there was an incident on 1998. She studied in Department of electrical engineering of Trisakti University .But because of the incident, she then chose College in Singapore to avoid unwanted things. Merry's father decided to send his daughter to study abroad. And at that time, singapore is a right choice because the distance is relatively close, it has safe environment and a good education system.

Start classes at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
Merry began studying at College in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 1998. Merry wanted to become an engineer. That may be because she wanted to help her father in running the business. Without enough preparation for College in a foreign country, Merry had failed in United Kingdom language tests in Nanyang Technological University. Without preparation to prepare adequate funds, Merry borrowed funds from the Government of Singapore. She borrowed the funds a scholarship Government Singapore Bank for $ 40000 and should be repaid after graduation.

She only had $ 10 during a week. These funds are extremely minimal. So, to downsize, Merry only eating instant noodles in the morning, lunch with 2 pieces of bread without jam, participated in seminars and gatherings in the evenings for the sake of a free meal, even for a drink she took from tap water in her campus. It fade almost daily in his first year of College. The biggest concern of her life at that time was how to seek income beyond. She became a part time worker to hand out pamphlets on the street, being the keeper of a flower shop, and became a waiter in the hotel's Banquet.

When realizing her life not changed even though it has entered the second year of College, Merry began building a dream.
I make resolutions when the 20th anniversary. I have to have financial freedom before the age of 30. In other words, people should be so successful. The lowest point in my life makes me want to realize the dream. - Merry Riana.
Because it had no educational background and business experience before, Merry gathering information by following the seminar and immerse herself in the Student Affairs Organization related to the business world.

The Struggle In Doing Business
With not enough business experience and knowledge, Merry entered the business world. she did it because she knew that having a regular job is not enough to fulfill her dream of success in the age of 30. She tried various business opportunities and try her luck with the thesis business, MLM business, try playing the stocks. All of them ended in failure. Merry also tried to practice with dive into multi level marketing despite the loss eventually 200 dollars. Merry lost 10000 dollar  when turning the money in the stock business. Mental illness had fallen though in such conditions, Merry lost all its investments and slumped. Even so, Merry rose up and tried hard to become an entrepreneur. Merry start trying from the beginning by studying in earnest about the ins and outs of the market. Once ready, she decided to study in financial planning industry. Merry thought that's the thing that will make it capable of realizing her dream in a relatively short time.

When she finished her college, along with his friend Tjenderasa who is Alva when in college then and now her husband, the two of them started working together, learning from the experience of successful entrepreneurs, Merry Riana then start from the sales sector in the field of financial services. When Merry began her career as a financial advisor, she must grapple with a host of challenges and obstacles. His parents, professors as well as his friends is less agreed with the decision of hers. Merry did not have the capability of Mandarin where as more than half of the population of Singapore is Chinese ethnic. As a foreigners there, experience and relationships Merry is very limited. However, one of the reasons that make Merry relentlessness is a young age and still single so that she feels freer and more risk-taking. Without feeling overly burdened with the possibility of having to fail or succeed, Merry prefers to focus on the experiences and the lessons she could get during the early phases of his career. But Merry strengthens already. He worked 14 hours a day, standing near the MRT station & bus stops to offer insurance, even he worked till midnight and just got home at 2 in the morning, not to mention an uncertain income make it was forced to return

Success As A Financial Consultant
Until the end he success as Financial Consultant selling financial products such as insurance, banking and credit card deposit., savings, etc. In the first six months of his career at Prudential, Merry managed to pay off his debts by 40 thousand Singapore dollars, and exactly one his first year he successfully earning amounting to 200 Thousand Dollar Singapore or 1.5 Billion Rupiah. Merry Riana is then given a New Advisor Award for top line many people working in the profession of financial advisers in 2003, Then in 2004, the brilliant achievements of the Merry making it promoted as Manager. Merry and then started his own business after was appointed manager by renting an Office and have the employee himself then he established the MRO (Merry Riana Organization) a financial services company he founded MRO Consultancy operating in the field of training, motvasi and printing of books based in Singapore. Together with his team in MRO, Merry has programs empowering women and young children. Members of his team at the Agency is in fact belongs to the young, aged 20-30 years. "I want to accommodate young people who have the ambition and passion like me," he said.

Her desire to share it not only performed in Singapore. At the 30th birthday, Merry making new resolutions, that gives a positive impact on one million people in Asia, especially in his homeland, Indonesia. In 2005, Merry received the award as the Top Agency of the Year Award and Top Rookie Agency. Up to now the Merry has motivated and trained thousands of executives and professionals in the fields of sales, marketing and motivation. In his company, consisting of 40 financial advisers Merry, who uniquely has a still young age (between 21-30 years).

With success stories and preaching in droves soon Merry Riana is known as a successful woman entrepreneur and be a motivator to sharing knowledge and success tips that everyone be successful individuals. Now, Merry Riana has a dream to provide a positive impact for 1 million people in Asia, especially in Indonesia. One of them by launching the book "dreams of a million Dollars" which is very inspiring and will be appointed to the big screen.

Merry States that his motivation is not only comes from a desire to provide better lives on her parents but also from his ambition to help the younger generation to do similar things. He hopes the youths were able to give a better life, not only for themselves but also for their parents and other family members.

The book " dreams of a million Dollars " itself has become a National Bestseller in just over a month after its launch. The book drew public attention Singapore and Southeast Asia due to write about achievements of Merry Riana generate S $ 1,000,000 at 26 years old, originally, Merry Riana is a Coed Nanyang Technological University which owed as much as S $ 40000. Profile Merry Riana's success began to be known after appearing on the article The Strait Times on 26 January 2007, entitled "she's made her first million at just age 26" ("he reached a million dollars in his first 26 years old"). Merry Riana is active as a speaker at various seminars, company, school and mass media in Singapore and several other countries in Southeast Asia. He is active in utilizing the social networking Twitter account via twitter in @MerryRiana

Motivational words from Merry Riana
  • Positive thinking is a job that is easy, all you need is ' don't think negative. '
  • Life is like riding a bicycle. We will continue to advance, as long as we are still pressing on the pedals.
  • Changed before the change that will force you.
  • Life may be full of problems. But as long as you provide the best & continue to pray, everything will be beautiful in time.
  • Give a your sweetest smile even  your heart hurt at the moment though, at least you can still be happy people in the round.
  • Do yourself a favor and his goodness will be increasingly felt.
  • Don't just settle so spectators and commentators. Be the Director and cast.
  • The OPPORTUNITY is already a long wait ahead of us. Fast moving, before everyone else comes to pick him up.
  • Pleasure & suffering is only temporary. Don't be swayed by temporary pleasures do not give up because of the suffering in the meantime.
  • If we wait until all the circumstances already perfect recently we take action, it may be his chance was gone.
  • If we guilty on other people admit mistakes and apologize. If others guilty in us: hear and forgive.
  • Don't underestimate the little things. Great things can only be achieved by reaching the little things first.
That's a biography of the amazing women from Indonesia, Merry Riana. I hope we can learn many thing from her story and it can motivated ourselves to be better person in the future. Thank you and see you in the next post.

Source : http://www.intisaribiografi.com/2015/12/biography-of-merry-riana-most.html

Minggu, 16 Oktober 2016

The Moral Value of My Friend's Story

Hello, everyone
Now, I'm want to tell you about the moral value of my friends' story. Before, we exchanged our stories by story telling in the group. My group member were Hanny, Khidir, Nadia, and Saskia. So, this is the moral value that I get from our story.

Ibtihal Haniah Guston
Hanny's story is Last Word. The moral value of this story is we should always say good things.

Muhammad Khidir
Khidir's story is Rumpelstiltskin. The moral value of this story is don't be a greedy and arrogant person.

Nadia Miranti
Nadia's story is The Little Mermaid. The moral value of this story is we should always be grateful of yourself  and everything that God give to you.

Saskia Fatimah Virajati
Saskia's story is The Little Red Riding Hood. The moral value of this story is listen to your parents advice.

Nadine Annisa Fauzi (Mine)
And my story is Timun Mas. The moral value of my story is mother's love and effort for her child can make everything possible.

So, that's all tha moral value that I get from my friend's story. Do you ever read one of these strories? What the moral value that you get from that story?

Thank you for reading this and see you again in my next post everyone.